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New Site Launch – DAS FilmFest


Eames Demetrios is a filmmaker, artist, writer, design consultant, and creator of 03 dimensional fiction.

He is also the director of the Eames Office and Chairman of the Board of the Eames Foundation which takes care of the Eames House.

Demetrios lectures frequently on design and scale as well as his own work. He has given talks and presentations in 20 countries and 31 US states.

  • What’s the big deal about Design?
    • Basically, until the world is perfect, we will always need design.
  • Why architecture?
    • Separating architecture and design is like distinguishing between an ocean and the water that’s in it – you can probably do it, but you’d be better off swimming.
  • Why sustainability?
    • Because today, on the whole, considering “green” issues is discretionary. But, I believe that in 10 years, sustainability concerns will be a factor in design decisions in exactly the same way as price, size and liability are now..

That’s the message – but how to get it out to people? The “web” of course, but how to keep posting even when you’re on the road? Eames turned to Tiki:Mojo Creative Services for help. DAS FilmFest has been a successful blog since 2006 — how to take it to the next level? Mojo Consultant Stephen Peters ported the existing site from Textpattern to WordPress. The big difference? WordPress for iPhone (also available for Droid). Now Eames can post from any place on the planet where he has phone access. Brilliant!

Click here to visit DASFilmFest.com.

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