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We’ve been producing projects for clients since 1995.

Here’s a short list of some of the people I and my team have worked with over the years:

  • Oregon State Parks
  • Oregon Public Broadcasting
  • Portland State University
  • Rogue Ales
  • A large computer chip manufacturer in Oregon
  • Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
  • The Bike Gallery
  • The National Association of School Psychologists
  • Oregon State Marine Board
  • The Oregon Brewers Festival
  • …and many others

Here are some examples of sites I’ve completed lately,
all built on a content management system called WordPress.

Demo Projects:

  • Earthquakes – A Javascript demo project.  The last seven days of earthquake data is pulled from the USGS API and plotted on the map by intensity and depth from the surface.  Find out where the Earth is shaking!
  • Obesity vs. Income – A Javascript demo project.  Take a look at how income and obesity are related.  This pulls data from a static file and presents a chart with the D3.js library.
  • ChatGPT Demo – So you’ve been hearing about AI, want to see it in action?  Tired of writing SQL queries to get information out of your database?  Or waiting for someone to do it for you?  This demo lets you ask questions in standard English (or any language ChatGPT understands) like, “What states have we made sales in, and what are the total sales for each of those states?”  and get a reply back in English, not computer talk.  Give it a try!

If you’re interested in seeing actual code, here’s a link to my GitHub account.

At one time we were known as AMAZING! Web Development.  That company has been sold.  I have preserved our online portfolio.  You can visit it by clicking here.

Please call or email with any questions.