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Hot Rods And Their Magazines

As some of you may know I’m a fan of many things, including history, pop history, old magazines and nifty old cars. Some years ago I was at a yard sale and picked up a big box of vintage car mags stretching roughly from 1960 through 1990. They are great fun to look through. I don’t know their past, but I’d like to think they belonged to someone who started with plastic models as a young teen, moved up to something requiring a visit to the DMV and appreciated the art through the rest of his (seems likely to be a “He”, but not always so!) life. Please enjoy some samples:

You could have a buggy!

You weren’t getting this info off a website in 1960.

Hands-on instructions on how to do your own custom bodywork.

Ski boats too!

The collection includes this handy book on how to build your on Rod from the ground up. Much to my surprise, this tome includes quite a bit of math. It’s not just “stick a big engine in it.”

Speaking of Big Engines…

Where is this fine machine today, I wonder?

Of course, you’ve got to love the full-sized vintage ads.

“Is that a yacht in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

Too young for the Playboy Club? No problem!

Dude, where’s my jet?

Something that’s largely forgotten today, is kids used to get those plastic car kit models, and do radical “customs” on them. I find this particularly interesting, as when I was a kid I built a number of those and it never occurred to me that I could (or should) make radical changes to them.

Another thing that’s largely forgotten today is the excitement of Slot Racing!

There was an entire industry dedicated to motors, tires, and bodies along with copious discussions on how to make them go faster, including making your own gears and advice on racing techniques used by the real things on the real tracks.

Neat stuff! I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey down memory lane…
Two more for the road: