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SprinklerPi – Web Interface

So! You’ve gone through all the effort to build the hardware that talks to the sprinkler valve, how do you actually get it to turn on?

That’s where the web interface comes in. Once you get the code from GitHub, and get it on your web host, you’ll be able to speak to your sprinkler simply by going to http://<your-host-here>/sprinkler.

If you’ve got a camera and the temp/humidity sensor you’ll also be able to use:

  • http://<your-host-here>/sprinkler/fromsprinklerpi/conditions.html
  • http://<your-host-here>/sprinkler/fromsprinklerpi/camera.html

The sprinkler “on” page gives the user the option to turn on the sprinkler and set it to run for up to 20 minutes. At the time of this writing the Python script will limit the run sprinkler run-time to a maximum of 20 minutes, just in case someone tries to run it for hours.

Ok, you’ll have had to make sure you followed the instructions for pointing the Sprinkler scripts to connect to your web host, and your web host will need to successfully process the PHP scripts to save and upload files.