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Orange Astronauts

Back before time was invented, I donated some money to KPSU, the student radio station at Portland State University. In return I got a box of CD’s, I guess of stuff they had lying around. This included two CD’s by a group or a guy at least calling himself “Orange Astronauts”.

20 years on, I still find the combination of stripped down LSD-tinged guitar presentation combined with the fun quirky lyrics sticks in my head.

See for yourself. Point your ears at this: “Cowboy Hat Song”:

Of course, “The Volkswagon Song” is a must for anyone who’s had a VW:

Some years ago I woke up from a dream. Me and a buddy from college had been wandering in the desert, found an oasis which required we service the lonely females. Afterwards we sat by the spring and he played this song on the tuba:

…and I do sometimes wake up feeling a little like a combination of the two of Cyrano De Bergerac and Cecil B. Demille.

Where is this musical person today? Unknown. I prefer to think he dissolved into a mist of bliss. Given that these tunes are unavailable anywhere I don’t feel bad at all about making them available to you today, at the low-low price of just clicking here: