MojoTimer Online Help

You’re looking for help with Tiki:Mojo’s MojoTimer for QuickBooks, right?

Import data from QuickBooks:

  1. You need to tell MojoTimer how to work with QuickBooks.  If you’re using QB for any kind of time tracking, you should have it already setup with employees, vendors, customers and service items.  (How to set that up is outside the scope of this document, though I can help you with that if you like.)
  2. Inside QuickBooks go File -> Timer -> Export lists for timer
  3. This will create a file with a .iff extension.
  4. Start MojoTimer.  Select an import option, then select the file you just got from QuickBooks
  5. MojoTimer is now ready to accept your time entries.

Export data to QuickBooks:

  1. Click the obviously labelled button in the MojoTimer
  2. Select a place on your hard drive to save the file
  3. Filemaker will insist that whatever you name the file, that it have a “.tab” extension
  4. Copy this file to your computer with QuickBooks
  5. Rename the file so it has a .iff extension
  6. Inside QuickBooks go file -> timer -> import
  7. Select your file
  8. You’re done!  Your time entries are now in QuickBooks

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: So, what happens if I import the same time entries file to QuickBooks twice?  A: You’ll get two sets of time entries.  This process isn’t idiot-proof.  You’ll want to make sure a human double-checks everything that you put into QuickBooks.  Guh!
  • Q: Is this really free?  A: Sure.  Why not?  The basic product wasn’t hard to put together.  Possibly you could have done it yourself.  I am happy to provide technical support and customization on an hourly basis if you’d find that helpful.
  • Q: I’ve got a question that’s not addressed here!  A: Email me at