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My Literacy Matters

Laura had a problem. She has a company that provides services to therapists who help kids with dyslexia learn to read. The next step was to build an online educational game and have a subscription service to gain access to it. The engineer who worked on that with her did a nice job on the game, and a decent job on the WordPress site itself, but the business relationship fell apart when he brought in a project manager sans communication skills. Laura found a new person who did a bit of work but then simply … disappeared.

Through a friend of a friend I stepped into the picture. Together with Laura here’s what we did:

  • Completed the subscription sign-up and payment process.
  • Completed the setup and configuration of the game, a Javascript app running 4,000 lines of code plus an administrative back end.
  • Completed remaining WordPress formatting and content fixes.

What’s the “secret sauce” to success with your web project? Technical skills are not enough. The key to success is communication.

We are proud of the work we’ve done and ultimately very happy our work is contributing to the well-being of the end-client: the kids Laura is helping.

Please enjoy visiting the site itself here: http://myliteracymatters.com

Click on the image below to watch the Word Pirates game in action!