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It’s time to Exploregon!


Hey artists and creative types!  Check out this from the AIGA:

AIGA Portland is creating a zine about finding inspiration in our fine city, as well as the wilds of Oregon, as a way to overcome creative roadblocks. The goal of the zine is to engage Portland’s creative community in a participatory project that will result in a collection of artwork reflective of who we are as a community, while also providing inspiration for those times when the ideas just aren’t coming. Most importantly: We want you to be a part of it!

We’ll pull your visual evidence into a scout book that can be used to find new sights to see and new creative connections to make. Just because it’s about to rain for 6 months, doesn’t mean you can’t EXPLOREGON.

You download the template, create something, send it back and they put it into the book.

Learn more here: http://aigaportland.org/aiga_event/its-time-to-exploregon/


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