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The Last Tiki Bar on Mars – A Novel in HTML

Some years ago talk started about collecting volunteers to go colonize Mars. A bold effort, though it makes more sense to take our moon first. Yet all kinds of people were ready to sign up.

Then Elon Musk came out saying he’d like to live out his last days there.

This got me thinking about what it would be like to someone on a Mars colony. Imagine getting into a submarine. And never leaving for the rest of your life. That’s the Mars colony, at least for the first 20 years.

The disconnect between the romantic vision of being a space pioneer and the day-to-day reality of what life would be like inspired me to start writing about it.

The Last Tiki Bar on Mars

…is the result. It’s an evolving novel, written in HTML for your reading pleausre. Space travel is not possible without chorizo!

Along the way I started thinking about Batman. ˜He’s just a guy in a costume who beats up people. Anyone in a costume could fight crime like that. What’s the worst costume one could come up with for fighting crime? Perhaps just strap a banana to your head. Why not? Thus:

The Curiously Banal Adventures of Banana Man

He’s a janitor by night, fights crime during the day. Mostly littering. With a banana strapped to his head.

Batman hates him with the fierce heat of 10,000 suns…

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